Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Birth

Even before I got pregnant with Blake I knew I wanted to try something different with his birth.  I had two bad experiences with epidurals in the hospital.  McKenna's birth left me with a spinal headache and I had to have two blood patches done to fix it.  If you know me, you know how much I love blood and needles :).  I decided no more needles in my back!  And I thought the only way that would happen was if I was not in a place that I could ask for them.  So I started looking into home births.  I found the most awesome midwife, Edna Kranenburg, and was very excited and determined to have my baby at home.  Travis was so supportive from the first thought of it.  I couldn't have asked for better support.  My Aunt Eileen had all her babies at home, and then I had two cousins who had done it.  I was ready!

After the birth I only regretted not having all my babies at home.  Whenever Blake has a birthday, I relive that experience and feel so thankful that all of my births were safe and left me with healthy babies.  I don't know why I love pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding so much, but I thouroughly enjoyed those years of my life and love reliving them through other friends and family (Aunt Brittany :)).  Anyways, I thought I would link the home birth experience again.  I know it isn't for everyone, but I am thankful I did it!

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BrittanyWebb said...

Oooh girl, not for me! But feel free to relive your experiences through me again...maybe in another year or so? ;)