Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blake turns 5

My "baby" is 5!!!!  I cannot believe it.  He sure is NOT a baby anymore.  Such so thoughtful, so BOY, so loving to me, and I love him to bits.  He can read, write, add, and is a great critical thinker.  He is in soccer and taking taekwondo and loves it.  He loves Star Wars, Ninjago, the wii, and hanging with friends.  He loves Jesus and his magna Bible :).  He had his first ever sleep over with his best bud, Cole.  It was great fun.  

This was the day after the big sleep over.  He was exhausted!

Monday, October 22, 2012

American Girl Store

We have been waiting a LONG time for the American Girl Store to finally arrive.  With only 14 stores in the US, we feel pretty lucky to have one 20 minutes away.  We went before the "grand opening" and it was pretty quiet the day we went.  

Channel 10 news was there and asked if they could interview us.  Kourtney was so brave and talked a lot to the reporter.  We recorded the news every hour it was on for several segments.  We finally saw the clip and McKenna was in the background.  Kourtney was disappointed but it was still cool to see McKenna on the news.
 Here is McKenna with her McKenna doll in the McKenna section :)

Kourtney in the Kit section 
We are training cousin Abigail young - she came to the store with us too!
Kourtney spent some birthday money on a book.
The girls are taking the American Girl History class at PACE and they love it.  This is a tea party they had in there.

From "baby" to big girls

Kourtney decided that after 7 years of having her bedding she was ready to get rid of the "baby" bedspreads and grow up a bit.  I was thankful that the girls both agreed on the new design.  And it was fun!


Kourtney's 9th Birthday

Where has the time gone?  Just yesterday I was leaving the hospital with my very first baby and now she is in her last year before she hits the double digits!  Life is flying!  And being her mommy is amazing.  She is such a smart, fun girl.  She is a dare devil - willing to do and try anything.  She is smart - always amazing me with her academics.  She is passionate - about things she loves.  She is a reader - always with a couple books going at the same time.  For her birthday this year she had her best friend, Gracie, stay the night.  We went to Olive Garden (where we celebrated Aunt Marcela's birthday too) and shopping.  Then we had some cake at the house.  It was a great time.

 Facetime with Grammy and Grandpa