Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Spelling Bee

Kourtney went to her first spelling bee.  These are the 3 first graders from ICS.  They were so super cute.  Kourtney did not make it past the preliminary rounds.  She was so very upset.  What word did she get out on?  Two, too, or to... there are three ways to spell it.  She knows all of them, but did not know to ask for the word in a sentence.  Guess before she goes to her next spelling bee we will drill her on all the rules (which I thought I had, but she is 7 after all).

The whole family went and it was very nice.  It was on the campus of Florida Christian school and they let us use the playground for the little kids.  Great experience, great time.  So proud of my 1st grader, she is so smart!  Last week when she came home from school with a 98%  on a test and she was crying.  She doesn't always cry when she misses questions on tests, but this day she did.  One smart girl I have.

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