Monday, October 25, 2010

Blake - is there a pause button somewhere?

I cannot believe my baby is 3.  I know I hear moms say that all the time but it is so true and so painful!  My kids are growing way too fast and I know that I am going to blink and they will be in highschool or some nonsense.  Being a mom and wife is the greatest pleasure to me.  There is nothing else on the planet I would rather do.  I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids.  And of course, I have the best kids in the world :).  I just wish I could find a pause button because they are growing up too fast!

So with each birthday comes time to reflect on their short, sweet precious life.  I will never forget the day we had the ultrasound with Blake.  We had two girls, and even though you tell everyone "oh, we just want a healthy baby"... we were hoping for a boy!  Of course we had been given misinformation with McKenna (known as "Luke" in my womb), so when the technician said "BOY!" we asked again and again if she was sure.  Then we still didn't want to believe it so we had a 3D done.  Yep, still a boy.

Now our boy is growing up, loves skateboards, still is NOT a good sleeper, is skinny as a rail (30 pounds at 3!), hilarious, loves to laugh, loves to run and jump and ride his bike and tease his sisters, loves his family, is super smart already, likes Buzz and Woody and Diego and blocks and guns and cars, calls his sisters "the gulls", plays on the iPhone and computer like he is an adult, and is such a joy.  Love you Blake, but please stop growing!!!

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