Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Daddy's girl

Kourtney is Daddy's girl.  She wants to ride to church with him in the keys.  She wants to ride her bike with him.  She wants to be wherever he is.  She writes poems about him for school.  She wants to text him during the day, or call him on the phone.  I love it.  He does too.  So when she earned some money and got to purchase a heart locket necklace she said, I'm going to put a picture of daddy in it.  My heart melts and my eyes are moist.  I love that the man of my dreams is such a good daddy to his kids.  And one day she will have a great standard to hold guys up to.

Going on a date to a benefit concert.
 Riding to the LPC work day on their bikes.

Off they go!

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