Friday, June 15, 2012

You know you've lived in South Florida for 10 years when...

Ten years ago this week we moved (and Travis moved BACK) to the Miami area.  In honor of this momentous occasion I have come up with "You know you've lived in South Florida for 10 years when..."  

1. You wear a sweater in June at night... and feel comfortable.
2. You become a mosquito ninja.
3  You have mosquito control programmed in your phone.
4. You have the NOAA website bookmarked. 
5. Your children know what congri, sweet plantains, arepas, and tomales are... and love them. 
6. Your sweet daughter learns how to catch lizards at age 4... and still loves doing it... and puts them on her ear lobes.
7. You know who Robert is, and where he is. 
8. You keep your "AC" on 76 during the day. 
9. You love Sebastian and all things orange and green.
10. You know that US 1 can pretty much get you anywhere.
11. You love your horn.
12. You measure driving distance in time instead of miles.
13. You know how to wrap a palm tree with Christmas lights. 
14. 50 degrees is cold and makes you want to run and scream. 
15. You don't cry anymore when you see your toll bill.
16. You've given at least three people directions to Key West... seriously.
17. You know it is Fall when there is cider in the grocery store produce section, Christmas when there are trees up at Walmart, and Spring when bathing suits start showing up in stores (as if we don't need them year round).  You know it is summer when the tourists descend... and start asking how much longer to Key West.

I am sure I will think of more as soon as I hit POST, but this is all I got for now.  Share yours!

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