Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Aww... Aunt Brittany with all the cute kiddos.
The plan was to get a beautiful picture of Grammy and all her grand babies.  So we got all dolled up before church and headed outside.  The Johnson kids know how to pose on cue... 

Then it was time to add Chase into the mix.  He was tired!  And wanted his mommy.  These pictures are cute though.  The cousins tried to keep their pose... but Chase was so cute to laugh at!

I love Kourtney looking at Chase here!

Kourtney was so proud that Chase fell asleep in her arms at church.  She loved helping with Chase and babysitting him!
Christmas Eve Service at Robert Church of God

Kourtney was reading the Christmas story with Sarah.

I think McKenna was just ready to get her candy cane

Leave it to Kevin

Christmas Eve dinner at a really nice place.  Can't remember the name of it.  But they had triangle shaped crayons so they didn't roll off the table!

Finishing up the ginger bread house

Photo bomb!

Again with the blurry!  Boo!

Chase was reading us a Christmas story
Arm wrestling Uncle Kevin

Sound asleep

What is funny about this is that we don't really do Santa, but Kourtney REALLY wants to believe in him.  That is fine with me, as long as she knows who bought the presents :).  We always take a picture with him, write a note, and leave cookies... even if all the presents really aren't from the fat guy.

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