Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas 2011 - before Christmas

So I got a camera for Christmas!  A Canon Rebel to be exact.  The picture of Kourtney above was the first picture.  I decided to get all artsy and play with my camera so there will be a lot of those kind of pics here... and of course tons of my cutey kiddos.

This was the Christmas of the bikes!  Travis' present to himself was a bike for me.  I love him.  Kourtney and Blake also got new bikes.  And we loaded them all on our van and brought them to Louisiana.
I never see leaves anymore so the kids and I always enjoy a good leaf pile at my parent's house.

"The Wall" at my mom and dad's house

My handsome 4 year old Blake

Wednesday night service

My mom has always had these pretty houses.  The kids love them.  So do I :)


Battleship with Grandpa
Decorating cookies

Kourtney whooping my dad in Scrabble
My angry bird
 We all loved our animal hats this year

We discovered a really cool park, Tammany Trace, about 25 minutes from my parents' house.  We took our bikes there.  It was very fun!  

They also had a Christmas tree display there.  And we discovered there were lights to look at after dark.  So we decided to stay and see them!

As I was still learning my camera it took me a while to figure it out in the dark.  Oh well!

And then Uncle Kevin and Aunt Brittant arrived with my sweet nephew Chase!
Blake loves to race and will take on any challenge!

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