Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

The kids were up fairly early and waiting for cousin Chase to wake up to open presents!  They were very patient.  Then around 9 when they decided they could not wait any longer (and neither could mom and dad) they started calling outside of Chase's room, "Chase, it's Christmas morning!"

We read the Christmas story from Luke 2 before we open presents.  This year the kids acted the story out  with the Little People as it was being read.  That was fun.  Wish I had video taped it.

One of my favorite things we did this year was give the kids each $20 to spend on each other and let them draw names.  They had SO much fun.  They shopped at the Disney store and Barnes and Noble.  I really did feel like they were more excited about giving those then getting something.  The girls even added extra money from their own allowance to get more for their siblings.  Kourtney had Blake and she got him a Buzz Light Year nerf ball gun.

Wanting a kiss from brother (he is not big on kisses)
Kourtney spent her own money and got McKenna Pascale stuffed animal.

McKenna got Kourtney a stuffed animal dog from 101 Dalmations
And then Blake bought McKenna the same thing.  She was so excited.

We tried to slow things down this year and let people open one gift at a time.  That lasted for a while :)

My mom's idea of a stocking :)

Getting a yearly Jump Start Membership (learning/playing website)

McKenna and her fijit friend - her number one request this year

And Britt got a Kitchen Aid

The Lego started set!  Yeah!
Starting to get crazy in here!

The boys playing legos... all three of them

Steaks on the grill for dinner

I love Chase's legs on Blake

Travis' "Tebow" pose

 Our Christmas tradition... burning all the paper and boxes

The girls decided they wanted to make their own outdoor Christmas tree.  So they got branches, dug holes, and decorated the trees.  It was so cute.  Grandpa helped out by gettitng some lights for the trees.

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