Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm a soccer mom

I am a soccer mom.  Got the swagger wagon to prove it.  I was so excited that the girls got to be on the same team.  So much easier for this first time soccer mom.  They have practice on Tuesday/Thursday with games on Friday.  That's a lot of days!  But we are all loving it.  The girls have made some sweet friends on the team.
Last Friday we had our first game as the "Hurricanes."  A name chosen with the help of my girls.  There was a girl who suggested the Lady Gators.  No way.  Kourtney wanted it to be spelled "Her-icanes."  She's so smart.
All the girls wanted to be goalie first!  After Kourtney's quarter as goalie she announced it wasn't as exciting as she thought it was going to be.  Mostly because we were so good!  The final score was 5-0 against the Blue Angels.

McKenna got the wind knocked out of her and took a breather on the side lines.  But she was ready to go back in quickly!


And then there was the time when McKenna played on defense and looked more like she belonged at Donna Lee (the dance studio).  She was performing dance moves for us.

Blake has made a few friends too.

And a few cute videos...

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