Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The start of our homeschool year

We were very excited to get back from our summer trip and jump into school!  The night before first day of school the AC went out in our house.  So we stayed the night at JT and Anne's house.  But the technician saved the day Monday morning and we were able to have the first day of school at home.  Travis and Blake were on a road trip so it was just the 3 girls.  My plans for a nice breakfast together were thrown off by the AC so we treated ourselves to a movie when school was over.

This was so cute.  McKenna colored on her "Completed" folder.  She drew a picture of Kassie running in circles being happy that McKenna was done with her work for the day!
We went with Sonlight curriculum this year.  The above picture was our "Box Day" and it was fun :).
PE Class at Jump a Roos!

A little field trip with some other homeschoolers.  We went to Robert is Here for milkshakes and animal watching!

Dress up day!

Bunnies and chicks at the Mexican Market

Making a poster for our sponsored child and writing him letters
Math and Handwriting at Starbucks.  This was the first day Pumpkin Spice Latte was out so Mommy treated herself.
The splash pad in Homestead
So far so good!  We are enjoying our year and new curriculum.  Also we start PACE this week.  It was delayed while we found a new building to meet in.  The kids are very excited to get back.

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