Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cruise 2011

We dropped our kids off with my parents in Robert and left out of the New Orleans Port.  It was very interesting because we were in the Mississippi River all night before we got dumped out into the open water.
Travis' last connection to the outside world on his iPad

Dinner the first night celebrating 12 years of marriage!  Am I really getting that old!?  I guess it helped that I married young :)
Gorgeous sunset from our room
Costa Maya, Mexico
We read Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.  Totally addicting books.  I would finish one and hand it to Travis.  Tons of fun!


Roatan, Honduras

Travis decided to be adventurous and rent a car.  I guess that's a dream for a guy who loves to be aggressive on the road... in a country with no road rules or speed limit.  I was clutching my seat most of the time!



Yes... that's a Church of God in Honduras.  Travis can sniff them out anywhere :)


Belize City, Belize - we pretty much got off the boat, bought a few things, and got back on the boat. 

Cozumel, Mexico - we took a cab to a private beach and lounged by the pool and beach all day.  So nice.
Of course we found a Starbucks!
And of course Travis tried to get online!

Travis got the camera, so we had a photo shoot
I love taking my cowgirl hat.  It was most fun in Paris two years ago!



 We had a great time.  We really love cruises because you are forced to "unplug" for several days, there is unlimited food :), and you go to new places!!!  Thank you Lord for such a wonderful opportunity!

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