Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blake's Adventures - Part 3

Back in 2008 I posted a blog called Blake's Adventures - Part One.  He was 13 months old and had fallen and needed his face glued together.  Then there was the broken arm a few months ago.  2.5 years later we were back in the exact same urgent care room with the exact same doctor for Blake's Adventures - Part 3.

It was the same day that we went to Disney on Ice.  While we had been at the arena Travis began having an allergic reaction so we dropped him off at home and I headed to shop with the three kids by myself.  We were at the playground at Prime Outlets. I heard a thud and saw Blake walking towards me crying.  He had fallen in between some bars that you climb up.  Just as I had done with his broken arm, I sat on the bench and watched him walk toward me.  If I jumped up every time my kid cried I would never be sitting!  As he got closer I saw the blood he was covered in.  Yuck.  Panic!  When I was 5 years old I was hit in the head with a block by my dear friend Lee Seals.  I was wearing a white dress and was covered in blood from head to toe - very traumatic!  I immediately thought of that.

I had NOTHING with me to catch the blood.  I had just bought Blake's Easter shirt and for a split second I thought of grabbing it to put on his head.  Then I came to my senses.  I picked him up and cradled him so he was dripping blood onto me.  I told Kourtney to grab my purse.  I went into the food area and asked for napkins.  Then a sweet family came over to the table I was at and gave me ALL of their baby wipes.  They also got a water for Blake - I was so thankful for them.  I got the bleeding to stop.  Through Blake's sobs he said, I want some of that pizza!  It was so funny.  I told him we needed to clean his boo boo before we ate.  We gathered our things and headed to the car.  

When I got to the car I called Travis and said - I am trying to decide if I should take Blake to urgent care for stitches.  His response was, I am trying to decide if I should go to urgent care for my reaction.  I had to laugh.  What a night!  I called the pediatrician's office and described the wound.  She said take him in.  They put us all in the same room at our request.  Family night at urgent care!  And in the same room where Blake got his face glued he got his first stitch.  He was NOT happy.  They had to put him in a straight jacket on a papoose board.  Not fun times.  But he survived to tell about it.  Dear Lord, please keep your hand on Blake Matthew!!!

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