Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blake's broken arm

While in Huntsville, AL we stopped by a mall play area to let the kids run off some energy.  While we were there Blake was on a very low toy and rolled off of it.  My kids have played at mall play areas 100 times.  I let them jump, climb, crawl, and I try not to be too over-protective.  I sometimes laugh to myself when a mom follows her kids around making sure they are careful.  So when Blake started crying after he fell I sat in my seat  and calmly told him to come see me.  He was holding his arm and waling.  Not a good sign.  Thank goodness Travis was there.  He sat Blake on his lap to assess the situation.  We could not tell if it was serious or not, but I think Travis had a hunch.  He told me to gather the girls and we were leaving.  We had promised the kids ice cream so we decided to further evaluate the arm at the food court with some ice cream.  If it wasn't broken he would definitely perk up and eat the ice cream.  That did NOT happen.  When he didn't touch his ice cream and screamed every time he moved slightly on my lap Travis got on the phone to find a pediatric ER.  Off we went.
Yep, 2 broken bones :(.  It was hard not to cry, but the girls were very upset  and started to cry a few times.  I knew if I cried it would upset everyone!  So I held it together.  The girls were so sweet the whole time, talking to Blake, wanting to help with anything they could. When he went back for his x-rays he was so brave and cooperated, barely making a whimper.  The nurses commented on how tough he was.  They splinted the arm and told us we would need to get a hard cast when we got back home.  One cute thing he said in the hospital was, "I can't throw up a peace sign with this arm because it's broken, but I can with this arm... and at least both arms aren't broken or daddy would have to feed me!"
Right after getting the splint he was on a video game in the lobby!
Showing us his big muscles back at the hotel.
He didn't really need a shower cap, but it was the thing to do on this hotel trip :)
He could even still take pictures of mommy.  He is quite the photographer.
Here is daddy in the hotel drawing a picture to explain what happened to Blake's arm.  I was concerned about our 15 hour drive home but Blake did amazing!
Here we are at Miami Children's hopsital waiting to get a hard cast.
They took the splint off and sent us into a waiting room to do another set of x-rays.  That upset me because his arm started swelling up and he started crying.  Fortunately they took me right back.  The hardest part was when they set his arm in the cast.  OUCH!  They gave him a shot of morphine but it didn't seem to touch the pain.  He broke my heart.  But it was done and we were out of there!
He picked green for his cast color.

This is daddy signing the cast.
And after a long hard day at the hospital I took him to Toys R Us for being such a trooper.  He had been talking about getting a guitar for a while (inspired by Alvin and the Chipmunks).  He picked out this way cool rock-n-roll electric guitar. 
 Here is McKenna signing his cast.
He even wanted to sleep with his guitar.  I love this kid.  He's been doing great.  It will be a long 6 weeks, but I couldn't ask for a better little boy.  He wins over his mama's heart more and more every day.

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