Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kassie, our Welsh Terrier

Trying to keep up with my blog but oh my, having trouble!  I love having all of my kids with me all the time though!  We got a puppy last Saturday.  I'm so glad to have my mom here this week with to help me!  A couple funny things my mom and I have thought of is that she was here for the birth of my 3 human children and now for the arrival of my furry one.  Also, Kourtney's birthday is on the 1st, McKenna on the 11th, Blake on the 21st, and now Kassie is October 31st.  

She is very playful, doing ok with potty training (I do wish she'd catch on just a bit faster.), and hasn't chewed anything up yet (mostly because she is on constant watch)  I have some really cute pictures of her on my phone and in my camera, but until I can get those out here are a few cute ones. 


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