Friday, February 25, 2011

Bunnies, puppies, just give us a pet!!!

The kids have been asking for a pet for a long time.  When the girls first started asking for a dog I used to tell them that mommy had been changing diapers for so many years that Blake had to be potty trained before we talked about it.  Then when he was potty trained and I wasn't changing diapers anymore Kourtney (with her perfect memory) started asking again.  I had another good excuse because we couldn't have one in the house we were in.  When we moved they started in again.  Every single day they would ask if we could get a pet.  I mean we don't even have a fish.  Pets are a lot of work! Especially on mommy who is already taking care of three kids.  

One weekend we took the kids to the Mexican market and we were looking at the bunnies.  They fell in love.  McKenna batted her eyes a few times at daddy.  We agreed to get a bunny.  However, they had to earn it.  They had to keep their toys, shoes, clothes all picked up.  Had to not come into our bedroom in the morning and wake us up for 7 days in a row.  We started reading about bunnies, coloring bunny papers, doing bunny homeschool work with math, watching bunny Youtubes, picking bunny names, and finding out how to take care of bunnies. 
Well about a week into it mommy realized, bunnies are a lot of work!  Why not just get a puppy.  Almost the same amount of work for a loving family member instead of a bunny who sits in her cage.  Didn't take long to convince daddy.

So we searched and found our newest family member.  Another Welsh Terrier.  We are naming her Kassie.  She will be here tomorrow and we can't wait!

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