Monday, March 14, 2011

My mom's visit

Besides Travis, my mom is my best friend :).  I am always glad when we get to see her.  A couple weeks ago Travis was going to be out of town for a week so she hopped on a plane and came to see us!  The kids were so excited.  I think this was the first time we planned such a last minute trip so it was exciting to tell the kids Grammy will be here in like 3 days!  Usually we count down for a long time.

While she was here my mom cooked all the meals, did all my laundry, babysat the kids so I could run errands, took us shopping and out to eat... we were super spoiled.  It was like an in home vacation!  So amazing.  She is the bestest mom in the whole world.  Love you mom!

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jennifer lynn said...

that is awesome. i would love an in home vacation :o) what a sweet mom..