Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last week we got to see some snow in northern Alabama.  We were there for a funeral for JP Johnson, Travis' great uncle.  The night we pulled in we had just missed seeing the snow fall, but this was on the ground when we got there and the kids were soooooo excited.
They had a hard time falling back asleep because they wanted to be out in the snow.  It was like 3am before they fell back asleep (we got in at 12:30).
There wasn't much of it and it was like 25 degrees so making snow balls wasn't happening, but they found plenty to do.
I think Kourtney was the most excited about the whole thing!  At Christmas she was so upset that it didn't snow I think she cried.  So this was a dream come true for her :).  Poor thing doesn't know that an inch of snow in your pj's isn't really that much fun.
Breakfast break
 Blake's face is cracking me up here.

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