Friday, October 08, 2010

Nickelodeon Hotel

So I found a super hot deal for a two room suite for $99 a night at the Nickelodeon Hotel.  So Donna and her daughter Annmarie joined me and my kiddos for a fun filled night!  The only bad part was how chilly it was.  Fortunately the pools were like bath water but when they ran out to the water slides they turned blue!  We were able to swim, slime, meet Diego and Spongebob, eat dinner in their food court, shop, and see a Spongebob show.  Very cool night!
We also got to meet Diego and Spongebob.  Well, we saw Diego anyways.  Blake did not want a picture with him.  I said, let's take a picture to show daddy you met him.  Blake said, I will just tell him.
McKenna will also not go anywhere near characters!  Unless, of course, it is a princess or a fairy.
 Super cute room!  Jimmy Nuetron
The gang
 They all wanted to pretend they were flying
 Hi five Carl!

 Kourtney was the only one brave enough of my kids to get slimed.  They do a mass sliming every day at a certain time.  K and A were so excited.

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