Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cutest kids ever

A few cute things said around the house...
Blake: Kourtney, what do you say?
Kourtney: I didn’t toot!
Blake: Yes you did!
McKenna: No she didn’t Blake, it was her water bottle!

Me: What is your favorite color?  
McKenna: anything that matches

McKenna: I know my five "sensitives"... tongues, hands, eyes, noses, and ears
Kourtney made a test for McKenna a test, front and back, multiple choice.  Then she sat down with McKenna and helped her take it.  Cutest thing ever!  The questions were adorable too.  Maybe I should take some pics of it and post it.  There was even a story written in it with questions about the story.
 Blake got a tat
 My 3 cute kids waiting for life group to start
Above are the kids on bikes on our street.  Below are pics at our last baptism...
Blake sleeping on the couch.  Such an angel!
Too cute
Blake at the Coral Shores Football meeting
McKenna and the iMac at Papa's hosue
Just another rainy day in paradise
Blake in nursery
Founder's Park
The girls have started gymnastics and LOVE it!  I love it for them. Great work out and they are having a blast!
Blake being silly
hamper diving

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Abbey said...

Fun pictures, Kelly! Your family is adorable.