Friday, October 08, 2010

Universal Studios

The last time I was at Universal Studios I was 16 - I am getting so old!  I had a fabulous friend give me 7 tickets and a free parking pass so I was super excited to try a new park (we are ALWAYS at Magic Kingdom).  The kids had a great time.  Donna and Annmarie joined us and Kourtney and Annmarie were like two peas in a pod wanting to ride everything they could and as many times as they could.  The lines were non-existent and the weather was INcredible!  Blake and McKenna were not so into the rides.  They did do Shrek (Blake's head was burried in my chest under his blanket) and McKenna did the roller coaster and a water slide on a tube.  But all the other rides (ET, Jimmy Nuetron, Twister) were K and A.  They went to ride jaws and the workers said you get soaked so it was a no-go.  The play lands were very fun.  All the kids had a great time and so did the mommies!
 such a beauty
 He got hurt on the way down, but went a million more times
 Can you see me?!
 Kourtney trying to bust her mean induction face :)
 lovin the balls!
 Curious George land
 fell asleep clutching his bag of gold fish!
 I hung out a lot with McKenna and Blake while Kourtney and Annmarie rode stuff with Donna!  We had so much fun.
 My race car driver
 riding the waves

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