Friday, October 22, 2010

Blake's Toy Story Cake

This was such a fun project.  When I started doing my own cakes a few years ago one thing I loved about it was that the kids got to help make their own birthday cakes.  Well Blake totally got into for sure.  He made the whole project take a little longer, but we had a blast.  We were the only ones home (the girls were at school) and it was a lot of fun!  He actually cracked and dumped three eggs with perfection!  Look out Chef Duff!
 Rolling out the fondant
He thought it was very cool that I let him get all blue and messy.  He actually mixed some of the color into the bedspread
 Putting the stars on
The final product.  Though I am upset that I forgot to put the skateboard and aliens on for the photo shoot!  It will be on for the party though.  The characters are plastic (I am not that good yet :)).

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