Monday, July 05, 2010

Week 5: Monday/Tuesday - meeting baby Chase

I'm glad I have been forcing myself to blog at least once a week this summer.  Sometimes I have a hard time even remembering what we did a few days earlier!  It has been a great summer so far.  

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!  Getting ready for Uncle Kevin, Aunt Brittant, and Baby Chase to arrive! I went to the grocery store too.  We also gave Ms. Ter back to the Baldemeros.  Here is a picture of McKenna carrying Ms. Ter around on her princess pillow.  

She got the royal treatment while she was here. Here are some videos of the first night she was here.  They are reading her stories.

Life Group was Monday night.  We took the kids with us instead of having them watched at our house.  They were a little crazy having fun with Asia but it all worked out.

Finished up cleaning.  Took the kids to the pool so the house would stay clean :).  Here is a random picture of Blake's leg after scratching off a bug bite.

Our guests arrived that night and it was a joyous time!  Here is Kourtney on the lookout for  their car. 


Here we are meeting Chase for the first time.  He is such a sweet baby.

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