Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 4: Sum, sum, summertime!

Julia and Sara turned 8, what?!?!  Time is flying.  We went to Homestead for their pool party.   Fun, fun!  Crazy that I've known these girls since Lisette used to push them around in a double stroller during church trying to get them to nap.  Love you girls!
Monday night is always life group.  We have a great group this semester.

Went to Baptist Hospital for an appointment with a Pediatric Surgeon.  Blake had to have a couple lymph nodes on his head checked out.  Everything seems okay.  Just some follow up blood work to do to be sure.  After the appointment I got the kids and took them to Cracker Barrell.  That was fun.  Later we went to the pool.

Back north again.  This time for an LPC play date at Joy's house!  Wish I had remembered to get out my camera.  Only problem was that Blake had a fever.  He'd had a rash over the weekend so the nurse said to bring him in.  They said it was a virus and bad soar throat.  Thankfully not strep.  

We went back to Anne and JT's house, bathed the kids, and went to Danielle and Rafael's house for dinner.  That was fun.  The girls had a blast playing with the kitties.  Kourtney found out that, like her mother, she is allergic to cats.  She was sad.
We went to the pool first thing.  Kourtney's eyes were still swollen from the cats, poor thing.  And McKenna had gotten scratched by the cat.  Funny thing was that when it happened she said she wanted to tell her teacher, Mrs Sommer.  So ironic that Mrs. Sommer just happened to be at the pool with her grandson so McKenna got to show her the scratch.

Thursday night we made frozen smores.  Mmmm..

Lots of excitement for this day... TOY STORY 3!!!  I don't think I have been this excited about a movie in a long time.  We all wore our cowboy and cowgirl hats to the movie.  And it did NOT disappoint!  Nana and Aunt Marcela came and watched it with us. 
After we left the movie we went up to Dolphin mall.  My favorite mall ever.  We had a great family day.  We got "Ms. Ter" from the Baldemeros to babysit.  She is a guinnea pig.  We were very excited to be pet borrowers for the weekend.  That night we got home at 10pm and I still had my watermelon cake to decorate and there was so much excitement about Ms. Ter we couldn't settle down!  Oh my, I was tired!

Kourtney got baptized this day.  Will do another post for that.  It was a great day!

Another good Sunday.  I worked Kids Life in the first service, sat in the second service, and worked in nursery in the third service.  I love LPC!!!

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