Monday, July 05, 2010

Week 5: Wednesday - Pool day

Went to the pool with everyone.  Fun times.  Kourtney worked so hard on going in head first so she could learn to dive but she couldn't get the hang of it.  Aunt Brittany and I took the plunge off the high and low dives.  We also did a lap in the lanes.  I have no idea how both of my girls do that, it almost killed me!  I am so out of shape!
Chase slept almost the whole time.  He is so sweet.  We were there for like 5 hours I think.  He ate and got in the water once, but decided sleeping was what he most enjoyed. Blake decided today for the first time that he would start going down the slides.  He started his first trip with Aunt Brittany and then went independent.
Went home and made dinner - mashed potatoes and chicken covered in onion straws.  Mmmm... McKenna gave Chase his bottle.
 Poor Blake fell asleep on the couch for this super cute picture we got.  
He had a hard time waking up for dinner, but was pretty sweet after he woke up.  Here is a video of him trying to wake up.  The "funny spoon" is a strangely shaped spoon that all of my children fight over.  We gave it to Blake to make him happy and help him wake up, lol.

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