Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sum-sum-summer time, week 2!

I just know it.  Summer is going to fly.  We are having such a blast that I don't want to forget what we did this summer.  I want to try to re-cap every week so we don't forget this awesome summer.  So here is a re-cap of this week...

- The Lucas kids came over in the morning and a good time was had by all.

After that we went to the pool... We got our 3 month pass to Jacob's Aquatic Center.  LOVE IT.  We will be spending a ton of time at the pool.  There is a Pirate Ship that has slides and water spouting everywhere.  McKenna took a plunge off the diving board this week... then 2 days later she moved on to the high dive.  Kourtney is doing laps in the lanes.  It is the perfect summer place and only 1/2 mile from home.
 McKenna approaches the high dive.
You go girl
- Kourtney read Anne of Green Gables from Monday - Wednesday... the whole book.  That makes me happy too.  :)  Here she is reading to the kids on Monday.  Very cute.
- We got a package from Grandpa and Grammy today.  We skyped so they could watch them open it.  One of the prized possessions were the silly bands.
- We started the morning out painting some toes.
- We went for a play date at Chloe and Cole's house.  I had my camera and just forgot to take pictures.  I swear I am more scatter-brained than ever these days.
- Then we ran some errands in Homestead and it started pouring rain.  Blake freaked out and we went into a CVS to get an umbrella (it was pouring buckets).  But the funny thing was when we made the dash from the sidewalk the girls ended up with the umbrella and Blake and I were running in the rain laughing.  When he got to the car he said, that was fun mom!
- We ate dinner at Panda Express Yummo... one thing about living in the keys is missing simple things like Panda Express.
- Drove home in the rain and after warm baths we cuddled up for a movie.

- Play date at Amber and Ashley's house.  Again - took my camera, didn't take pictures.  Sigh.  They have such a wonderful home and place the play... pool, tiki hut, swing set.  We had a blast.
- Home, nap, clean out car, dinner (spaghetti with organic meat sauce and wheat pasta).
- Another movie and cuddle time.

- I woke up in the morning and went to work baking a cake for Travis' 27th birthday.  I will have a complete post on that later.  It was fun, a spin off of the iPhone
- After I did the cake we went to the pool.  Blake picked me these flowers.
- After the pool we packed up to go to Nana and Papa's to spend the night.  We had things on Thursday and Friday to do in Homestead, so why not have a sleep over?!?  
- The kids went to the Nelsons for a bit and then to Nana and Papa's.  Travis and I went on an awesome date.  The mall, a movie, dinner, no kids... it doesn't get any better!  We ended the night up in Fort Lauderdale at a Toastmaster's event.  They are trying to break a speech making record.  Very interesting.

- Travis had something first thing in Miami and while he was there we hitched a ride with Uncle Phil up to Dolphin Mall - woo hoo!  Travis met up with us.  While we were there someone peed in the play area and it got on McKenna (ewww) so the girls got new outfits.  Here are my Old Navy models...
- Friday night we went to Bonefish Grill with Travis' parents to celebrate his birthday.  It was a lovely evening, complete with starbucks and playing with the iPad :).
- Back to the pool again :)  and played with the Morales kids.  That night we cut daddy's cake and the kids decorated the house and the girls wanted to dance with daddy.
- What can I say?  We always leave the house at 7:30 AM, go do 2 services, eat and chill at Anne and JT's house, and then head to the keys for the 3rd service.  Here I sit tonight, I still need to pack for our trip and clean up the house but I am pooped... but we leave at 7AM!  Great week!

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