Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 3: Sum, Sum, Summertime!

Monday morning we woke up bright and early and loaded the car to head to Tampa.  It was Florida Camp Meeting for the Church of God.  Leading up to this week McKenna especially had been asking for at least 3 months, when are we going to the hotel?  My kids love to travel.  So it was finally here!  We had arrived at the hotel.  I prayed that the expectations in her pretty little head matched up with the experience we were about to have.

We got in just in time to (you guessed it) go to the pool!!!  The kids swam for a couple hours and then we went into the room and ordered a pizza and took baths.  We had an enjoyable night at the hotel.
After reading Berenstein Bears book about prayer they decided to say their prayers kneeling by the side of the bed.  The camera was close by so I couldn't resist... and then Blake snagged the camera and started clicking away.  What a reverent moment. :)

Tuesday morning we woke up after a pretty rough night of sleep.  In case you are curious, Blake does NOT fit in a Country Inn and Suites crib anymore (what was I thinking?!?).  They have bars all around them and he is as long as the crib.  So he was up quite a bit.  Breakfast was delicious and then we headed to Target for a few things.  I love Target and wish I did not live an hour away from the closest one.  Target was right next to a mall so I asked the girls if they wanted to go to the pool or the mall... THE MALL!  Yeah, score one for mommy. Play area, window shopping, 30 minutes in the Disney store with three precious kids who did not beg me for anything when we were leaving.  We were checking out all the cool new Toy Story stuff.

After the mall we headed to Chick-fil-a - another love of mine that I am no where near here.  We got yummy chicken, fruit, and played on the play area.  When we left my car wouldn't start.  The battery had died.  Thankfully there was a Tire Kingdom across the street.  Unfortunately it was past nap time and mommy was doing her best to battle the heat, the tired kids, and a dead car.  The nice people at TK came over and jumped me and I took the car over for a new battery (we needed one bad).  An hour later we were on our way home for nap time.  I was thankful for a bunch of things after that ordeal... thankful the car place was so nice to come help me out, thankful that there was a play area for the kids to bounce in while I worked it out, thankful that it happened there and not somewhere else.

Tuesday night we went to church.  I had a child in three different kids areas.  They all did great.  We had a better night of sleep too as we hooked Blake up with a super comfy floor bed.  He loved it.

Wednesday morning we got up, ate breakfast and hit the pool again.  
 After taking a bath and packing up, we headed back home.  
 On our way we stopped at a hotel to use the restroom (Travis says only the finest restrooms for his little girls tooshies).  It was a beautiful hotel with a great lobby, pool, fountain, basketball court.  Travis said, you want to get a room and I will work from here tonight?  That was a lot of fun telling the kids who were already saying what a nice hotel it was.  So what did we do?  Yep, to the pool.  
 They had a complimentary cookout at the hotel with burgers and dogs.  It was really nice.  That night we popped popcorn and watched movies while it thunderstormed outside.  I love my spontaneous husband.  It was by far my favorite summer memory so far.
 Thursday we actually made it home.  Look at this beautiful picture of our drive home.
Unpacked the car, went to the pool... do you see a theme here?  Then I went to the grocery store and got some things to make a yummy dinner.

Friday we headed to Homestead (in a terrible storm) to take care of some things.  
We ended up going to the Falls that night with Travis' family.  We ate at PF Changs and walked around the mall.  The kids got some $2.99 flip flops at the Disney store.
 Saturday I slept in... oh so nice.  I got up, made lunch and we went to the pool.  Came home around 3pm and relaxed together the rest of the day. While daddy was out riding his bike we made his Father's Day cards.

 Sunday was Father's Day.  I have such a wonderful father, a great dad for my kids, and a good father-in-law.  I am so blessed beyond words.  I love them all dearly.  We had a good day.  Long, but good.  There were hotdogs, chips, salsa, and soda at both campuses.  I did not get a picture of my hubby with the three kids.  Sundays are so crazy!!!

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