Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

One of my favorite shows as a child and an adult.  One Christmas Day (in the time of vcr's) it was on for 24 hours and I taped all of the episodes with an attempt to cut out the commercials.  So you can understand my delight when I put it on for Kourtney and McKenna to watch and they loved it.   I am so happy to be sharing this wholesome show with my girls.

Some funny things that have come up during our viewings...

- Kourtney wants to know when she can get her very own horse
- Why can't we go off by ourselves like that?
- How do they have a stove if there is no electricity?  
- Did they have a radio at least?  Well then how did they know stuff?
- That only costs 50 cents?!?!  (Good lesson on inflation and the value of money)
- Can I see what they look like today?
- The girls are always on edge during the intense parts and ask me if I have seen that episode and what happens (they can't stand the suspense).
- When Carrie is running through the field and falls McKenna says, "I just fell!"  She says she is Carrie. 

You don't find shows like this anymore. I love it!

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