Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mobile Uploads... to the blog

I love being able to snap a picture in the moment and upload it to facebook, tag people, get a good laugh, let my peeps know what I am up to that day...  I do it all the time.  However, then the pictures don't get to my blog, which is essentially my online scrapbook.  So every now and then I need get these pics on here.  So here are my mobile uploads from this week...
None of my children had ever watched Toy Story.  Not part 1 or part 2.  So sad... so we fixed that last week and watched both of them... several times each.  Now we are all revved up and prepared for part 3 that comes out this summer.  This is Blake right after watching... he wanted to be Woody.
Sunday morning... McKenna snuck into the class I was teaching.  She is not quite ready to be in with the big kids, but she had a good time anyways... blankie and all.
Kourtney was working the registration table with me Sunday morning... she was having quite a time.
First official day of summer break and where were we?  42 miles north of home at Southland Mall.  Had a great day.  We had watched Tooth Fairy the night before and McKenna wanted to be a fairy all day.  She is so stinkin cute.
My fairy
Doing a little sprucing up in Kids Life - Plantation Key

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