Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Blake continues to wake up at 5:30 every day. I have to figure SOMETHING out before the time "falls back" in two months or he will be waking at 4:30am. I have never had any of my children do this for so long. It has been like 3 weeks now of 5-5:30. NOT acceptable! My kids have typically slept until at least 6:30.

Other than that... Blake is talking up a store these days. Speaking in sentences. I am really enjoying my time with him while the girls are in school. He loves to play with play dough. He likes to stand on it, put action figures in it, squeeze it out of the machine, and cut it. He loves to color, but especially loves to ask me (sometimes YELL at me) to draw him a picture of Elmo. Then one isn't enough, he wants like 6 Elmos drawn. He is all boy. Running, climbing, coloring on the walls, turning off and on light switches, taking small chairs to things he wants to reach, jumping off of things... tons of fun. We have been painting on poster boards a few times and he is learning his colors. He also is working on counting to 10. He loves bath time, soap, washing his hands, and jumping in puddles. He enjoys cuddling, misses his sisters while they are at school, and loves to be doing anything outside. Can't wait for it to cool off into the 80's down here so I can get him outside more!

McKenna has shocked me since starting school. She LOVES it. Has not one time said she does't want to go. Gets up every morning without any complaining, gets dressed, puts her lunch in her backpack, eats breakfast, brushes her teeth, and is super excited. She is transforming into a responsible, grown up 4 year old! She loves school and all of her friends. Today she told me a boy on her bus hit her on the tongue. I said why was your tongue out of your mouth? She said I wasn't sticking it out like this (shows me her tongue), I was letting it get air like this (shows me her tongue in a different form).

Kourtney is also loving school, but the novelty has worn off a bit first thing in the morning and she tends to be the one I have to prod along. But she is all about school. She's a pleaser and always the first to raise her hand and answer a question. She is already reading pretty much anything she can get her hands on. She reads whole books to us at night. She is all about her friends and being social. She is growing up way too fast and most people think she is at least a couple years older than she is. Her second tooth is loose this week and driving her nuts. She has tried to talk daddy into yanking it out with a string again, but I think we agree to a more gentle approach of losing teeth going forward. Strings and doors are traumatic and exhausting!

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