Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blake's first "salon" hair cut

I have enjoyed seeing my son's curls kink up in the smoldering South Florida heat. He has some great hair! But as of late he looked more like the shaggy dog and could not see through the bangs. I would push it off to the side 1 million times a day. So Travis agreed to let me get it trimmed. I do wish they had done a better job on the back and maybe left a little more of his cute curls, but like I have told myself in the past, hair grows.
So we arrive at a new kid's hair place in Homestead. I don't remember the name and I can't find it online, but as you can see from the pictures they were great. Lollipops, Diego, very cool toys, coloring pages, and chairs to sit in. It was way past his nap time and I was concerned going in but he was an absolute angel! Never fussed one bit. In fact, I think he enjoyed it!
I need a better after shot sometime, just don't have it tonight.

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Anonymous said...

He is just the cutest! Now, he's even more cuter than cutest!