Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tudor Wedding / LPC baptism

We had a pretty incredible weekend. A Baptism/Wedding on Saturday (I did the cake!). Brad Tudor and Christa McCracken got married. We love them! Kourtney's best friends, Julia and Sara Molina got baptized - precious. Kind of cool because Travis dedicated them and now baptized them too. Here are some pics of the events...
Pre-wedding video
The big day!
Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Cutting the cake
I made the cake! It was a little too sweet... gotta work on that.Blakester
McKenna Banana
Julia, Sara, Kourtney - the 3 amigos
I LOVE LPC Baptisms... so awesome being on the beach
Joy and Jason - awesome peeps!
This makes me wanna cry!
Julia and Sara's big day
Julia getting baptized by her Grandpa NievesSara's turn!
Sara getting baptized by her Grandpa Nieves
So precious!
Lives being changed! AWESOME!


Paige said...

So they baptize by a full dunking in the ocean? What do they do in the winter? Granted your winter is a lot less cold than ours...but I am just curious. :)

Johnson said...

We don't baptize babies like the Catholic church - we dedicate them. We baptize people once they have a full understanding of their salvation and want to make a public expression of their faith. So we baptize by full dunking... we can do it year round (LOL). In churches where it is cold in the winter most churches have a baptistry (a tub to baptize in) inside. Usually at the back of the stage (usually). But it can be done anywhere... pools, etc.