Monday, September 28, 2009

School lunches

While I have much to post about from the long weekend we had (a wedding, baptism/picnic, trip to the fire department to cut off a wedding ring, and my husband looking like Will Smith in Hitch with a swollen face) I decided to do a quick blog about school lunches...

Packing lunches is NOT my favorite thing to do. After dinner while baths, pj's, brushing teeth, and dinner clean up is going on, the last thing I want to do is drag everything out to make lunches. So I decided this week I am going to pack all 10 lunches at the same time so all I have to do is grab it out of the drawer in the fridge and throw it in the lunch box. I know, it's not THAT genius of an idea, but I got excited when I figured it out.

What I want to know is what other moms pack, what tricks you may have, and any great lunch ideas!

I usually do carrots and ranch dip, a fresh cut up fruit, a turkey sandwhich, chips, a danimal yogurt smoothie, and a dessert. Sometimes uncrustables and sometimes a boiled egg. What do you do???

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Ashley Self said...

the boys buy lunch at school twice a week and I pack the other days. They are over sandwiches pretty quickly, so I try to stick to one sandwich a week. So, to answer your question. I sometime do yogurt (yo-plait light) and pack that with a side of granola and fruit. They mix it at school. This is pretty filling for them, so I do that instead of a sandwich. Turkey corn dogs heated and wrapped in foil. Cheese quesadilla again in foil, so it stays warm. homemade lunchables, cheese, meat, and crackers. Sides-veggie chips, string cheese, pudding, pomegranate applesauce. For the first time this year I bought a little thermos (2 bucks at walmart) that has a spoon/fork in the lid and we have done raviolis and cereal (they bought milk at school. Okay, I will stop now. I hope that helps.