Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adventures of Travis

It all started out with Travis' finger getting jammed on Saturday catching a football. His finger started swelling up. He tried everything and it wouldn't go down. His finger was getting worse so he went to the fire department to have the ring cut off...
Snip, snipThen Travis took some aleeve to help with the swelling of his finger. Ironic. Saturday night I rolled over about 3:30 am and Travis wasn't there. So I found him in the bathroom staring at himself...

Me: What's wrong
Travis: Look at my lip
Me: Whoa, what happened (I start laughing... yes, at 3:30 am)
Travis: I googled it... I think I'm allergic to aleeve. If this doesn't get better I can't speak at church.
Me: Let me find the Benedryl
Travis: How much can I take?
Me: All I have is children's, just start taking it!

By 6:00 am it had gotten even bigger and spread to his entire bottom lip. Ever seen Will Smith in Hitch? Yeah. Like that, except not in his eyes. Just his face and lips. He called Jesse to speak and I loaded up the 3 kids and headed to Homestead by myself!

By the afternoon it had spread to his top lip and his face felt weird. Yeah, he missed the Plantation Key service too. He was doped up on Benedryl so bad he could barely talk. Things were better by Monday night, but it was a weird, hilarious weekend! Every time I thought about it or looked at him I cracked up laughing. He won't post a picture of it yet... YET.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please Kelly I would really, really want that picture. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,