Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Parties

Juju's (James and Luci's daughter across the street) turned 4. They asked guest to dress up, had a clown and lots of cool games. Travis and I were not feeling good so we dropped the girls off and didn't stay to spread our germs. Don't look for McKenna (Snow White) in any of the party pictures. She wasn't a huge fan of the clown so she asked Luci if she could just play upstairs. So stinkin' funny. Kourtney dressed up as Mulan. Tyler and Katie's (Jeremy and Tessie's children) had a joint party with Spiderman/Princess as the theme. In fact, Spidy, Snow White, and Pochahantis showed up. The princesses had story time with the girls while Spiderman played with the boys outside. McKenna was NOT a fan of Spiderman. At one point she was trapped in the house while Spiderman was playing around it outside. I didn't hear her, but she was crying hysterically. Poor thing. Blake really loved the little play house and went in and out of it.
Blake also NOT a fan of Spidy

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