Tuesday, October 28, 2008

56 degrees

Chris broke the good news on his blog earlier this week that we would have a good run of cold weather. I woke up this morning to exactly that. Weather.com says it is 56 right now. The only reason I am on my computer and not sitting outside right now is that I am eating breakfast and about to lay Blake down. As soon as I can I will be out there. In fact, we told our life group that we are skipping our lesson tonight to sit around a fire and roast marshmallows. I can't let these little cold gifts from God slip by - I have to enjoy every second of them!

It is amazing how a temperature change can bring up so many feelings and memories. I feel like a kid again back in my school days... I remember the crisp cool fall when I fell in love with Travis... I see leaves changing colors... I smell fall... I am back at MacQueens Apple Orchard for the apple butter festival (I read Cyrstals blog about going there last week) ... I miss it. I miss the cold. The first winter we were here was very deceptive. It was so cool all the time. I can only hope and pray for winters like that more often!

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