Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My ballin boy

It's so wonderful to have a son. I loved getting cars, blocks, and BOY toys for his birthday! I really love his basketball hoop. The whole family does. I think my brother Kevin had one when he was a young lad. I come from a basketball family. My dad played all through highschool and when I was younger I watched many of my dad's church league games. My brother played all in junior high and in highschool. My dad coached our school team and I cheered. for 6 years Fun times. I even used to play with the boys in the neighborhood and break a few nails here and there. I wasn't good, but it was fun! So it wasn't until I met Travis that I found a love for the other sport... football. Now I love football Sundays. But my first love was basketball.
Kourtney helped put it together

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