Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob

- Whew, what a day!
- Third week at 3 services and things are clicking! Set-up is still questionable, but I think we are gonna get it down!
- My teachers rock my face off coming on time and doing a great job in there.
- I made it into the 8:30am service to hear Travis wrap up the series on Habakuk. I really enjoyed these messages and could relate today! It was nice seeing Travis speak in his brand new glasses. He can see now... and he looks hott ;)- I spent a lot of my day searching for Blake's nuk... before we left the house this morning, before we left for the beach, and when we were loading in the car. That darn thing. I need to go get some spares soon! I can only find one right now. They are like socks around her. I have no idea where they disappear to.
- After church we headed out to the beach for a baptism. Let me tell you... set up, three services, tear down and then the beach makes for one exhausting day. I feel like I might just fall over.
- Kourtney's hermit crab pinched her tonight. It was so sad. We had promised her that they don't pinch when they are this small. She was cupping the crab in her hands and when Ashley pinched, Kourtney just stood there screaming. She didn't do what I would have done - slung it across the room! Then she cried and cried. I think mostly her feelings were hurt. She wanted mostly to talk to Aunt Marcela - I think because she has hermit crabs and maybe could understand. But alas, she was whispering to Ashley telling her goodnight before bed. I think they are already friends again. I think it also reinforced to McKenna that she will not be touching one any time soon.
- Here is a video of the kids in the lobby after church.
- So on to the big announcement that Travis had today... we were given a church property for a second location in the keys. Read more about it here. Here is a picture of the church.


majorhitwaves said...

I didn't get to see Blake at all today. At least me and Diego got to make funny faces at each other (and he also gave me about five 'high-fives').

Johnson said...

Blake can give high-fives now too... just not sure he would do it under pressure! I am sure Blake missed you this morning. I'm glad that you didn't pass your germs on though! Get better!!


Greg said...

I wanted to leave a comment to say I really enjoy your site. I came across it from your husband's site yesterday. Reading some of both your blogs has been an encouragement to me in seeing the desire you both have to serve for Christ. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Jenn said...

Kelly, this is unrelated to your posts, but I saw Travis' and just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you! Blessings!!!