Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Brittany confusion

My cousin Brittany Webb is at Lee as a sophomore this year. So we took her out to lunch. At the end of lunch, I took McKenna to the bathroom. Her mind had been processing a question the whole time...

McKenna: Is that Brittany in that chair?
Me: Yes
McKenna: Where's Uncle Kebin?
Me: No, that is COUSIN Brittany. We get to see AUNT Brittany tomorrow.
McKenna: Oh
I know she was wondering, why isn't Aunt Brittany playing with me like she always does?!?!? SO precious!
Pictured: Kevin, Kelly, Blake, Kourtney, Travis, McKenna, Brittany, Jessica, Braden, and Joe (friends from Ohio)

So here we are with AUNT Brittany (Webb) at Fridays in Atlanta. McKenna learned how to cross her eyes. So she kept crossing her eyes and saying, I see two Brittanys! Can I take one home with me?!?!?

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