Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No better way to spend my extra day this year...

... than with my parents. My dad attended the same conference, so my mom came and we got to hang the whole time. Sorry you didn't make it in any pics dad! I had these romantic ideas of frolicking on the grounds at Lee with my 3 kids in tote. NOT. It was 33 degrees the day we arrived. Friday it rained ALL day and was probably 40 degrees. Of course the day we left it was clear, sunny, and probably 65 (perfect weather). But we had to leave!!! Oh well, we still had fun.
Look how precious each kid looks in this picture. I love it!
We went to Bradley Square Mall - what a waste, except for this memory. My mom sat with the girls on her lap, but the camera was aimed so high the kids couldn't get it in. So as it counted down 4 different times, I was trying to lift crying Kourtney into the picture (she was upset that she wasn't in the shot), McKenna was standing on my mom, my mom and I were in tears from laughing. I am sure anyone walking by got quite a show!
My dad running up a hill with the girls.

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