Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grand Opening Weekend

It was a grand weekend for sure.  After working like mad all week long we pulled a late night Friday and an all day work day Saturday.  I personally was there from 9am - 1am-ish on Saturday.  At 11PM Travis rounded up the troops and said ok, we are going to hide all the mess and do what we can and then we are leaving.  People worked like mad moving things, wiping things, setting up things.  I had never seen such tenacity.  I had two hours of sleep but the adrenaline was pumping and we were ready!  We did a ribbon cutting ceremony under the tent and then headed inside for a tour and some amazing live music.

The AC was working in the main auditorium but the rest of the building was being cooled by portable units... which is why there are a bunch of funky looking contraptions in all of the pictures.

One of the funnier parts of the morning was the parking lot company who was trying to paint lines and draw arrows in the lot as people were arriving.  I had to chase them off... a couple times!  They were told to just come back at 2pm, lol.

 LPC Kids Check In
 The Nursery 
 The Construction Zone 1st-6th grade
 The Jungle 4-5 year olds
 The Rainforest 2-3 year olds

 The Lobby/Cafe
 The Cafe

Unfinished bathrooms

 I love this picture of three sweet ladies taking it all in.

 Dr/Pastor Raul Molina... the best dentist in the world.  Kourtney saw him and said, mom, is my dentist here?  Lol.

 My kids were a bit tired and grumpy, but they made it!

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