Sunday, April 08, 2012

Homeschooling and Blogging

There was a time in my life when I was a great blogger.  My blog started out on November 27, 2005.  That first month I had 17 blog posts.  SEVENTEEN!  The blog started out before myspace and facebook and iPhones.  Back when I used the fastest thing to get pictures to my parents who were 900 miles away - my blog.  As soon as a birthday party was over, I would log on and upload all the pics so my mom could feel like she had been at the party.  Fast forward to 2012 where I text as many pics a day as I want to and skype my parents into birthday parties and the blog isn't AS important as it used to be.

Except... it IS!  My blog has been a great way to journal the Johnson Family life.  And boy is life flying by.  With homeschool and everything else I do the blog can be so hard to keep up with.  My days are filled with spelling tests, history readings, play dough, cooking, cleaning, parenting, grocery store with 3 kids every time I go, park days, laundry, science experiments, softball and dance practice, church stuff, math drills... precious moments!  But wowza, it can be a lot at times.  I see other homeschool moms who really have it all together post great blogs and ideas and projects they've done from Pinterest.  I think to myself, is their house super clean too?!  I hope their closets and pantry are at least as cluttered as mine.

I have told myself I am too busy to blog, and no one reads them anymore anyways!  But in reality, I need to blog!  I need to remember these precious years and I am sad I have let it fall so far behind.  So, here we go again...

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