Monday, February 27, 2012

Blake's first baseball game

This year we switched from being a soccer family to being a baseball, softball, dance family.  It is quite the crazy schedule but we are having a blast!  Kourtney and Blake are playing ball.  We are on the field 3 nights a week.  McKenna is taking a ballet/tap class on Saturdays.  She is loving that.  More pics to come on that soon.  (I am SO behind with my blog - I have a bazillion pictures to post from Cambodia).  But since daddy was not able to be at the game tonight I am going to share ALL of the pictures here.  If you can't tell who Blake is in a picture just look for the RED cleats.  He is the only one with them.  I can't crop the pictures and zoom in on him or I would!

And here is the video.....

The cheering section!
Blake up to bat!

Run Blake!

Cole up to bat

Cole, Blake's friend, is on the other team.  We can't get our teams to match up!  When Blake played football last Spring, Cole was on the other team then too!

Run Blake!

On the pitcher's mound

Blake takes off for the ball

Blake scooping up the ball
Look at that form!  Throwing to first
Time for hi-fives!

I'm one proud mama!

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