Thursday, October 13, 2011

So last summer...

... I decided to drive to see my parents.  Just me and the kids.  941 miles.  It was an amazing trip!  Our first stop was Lake City, FL.  We had Steak and Shake (first time for my kids) and stayed at our favorite hotel, Country Inn and Suites.
The next morning we stopped on the way to see my friend Jessica.  Friends since like forever.  Love her.  

Kourtney fell asleep licking her lolly pop.  So cute.
Made it!

My parents church
The youth room - lots of fun had here!
Slip n slide

We can never visit my parents without having smores

Some kind of bites on feet and arms :(

Grandpa and Blake watching baseball
Chuck E Cheese

A new discovery... the Children's Discovery Center in Hammond.  So much fun.

Mani time for all the girls.

Secrets during church

Louisiana cousins

Horses across the street from the church.

Old legos Kevin and I used to play with
Celebrated McKenna's birthday a little early

Stopped on the way home for a visit with Erin and her adorable boys

Junky food on the way home.  Stopped at Country Inn and Suites again
Got to swim at night in the pool.  The kids loved swimming indoors and were happy to not have to put on sunscreen!

On the way home we stopped at Downtown Disney.  Again, just me and the 3 kids... in a crazy crowd.  But they did great and we had a blast.  Even got to dance around on the splash pad.
Oh, and they all made a lego person

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