Monday, July 25, 2011

Confessions from a real life hoarder

It all started back when I had my first child, Kourtney.  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on and I wanted to capture every moment and let everyone know how pretty she was!  So I started taking pictures.  7 years, 4 digital cameras, a phone with a camera, and a million photo ops later I have over 30,000 pictures and videos of my three gorgeous kids hoarded on my computer .

What does that mean for me?  My computer is mad at me.  It started telling me there was no more room on the start up disk.  It started closing my entourage email.  And finally, it stopped letting me put more pictures on it!  IMAGINE!  So Travis went and bought me an external hard drive to put my pictures on.

In the mean time I have failed to blog in about 6 weeks because I have not been able to download pics.  That is the longest I have ever gone!  It makes me sad because we've had so many great memories in the last 6 weeks so I have some catching up to do!  And I will... just as soon as I can make my computer happy again by getting all of the memory freed up.  

I never want to stop blogging.  It is my online scrapbook for my family.  I love looking back at it.  Lots of cuteness to come...

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