Wednesday, June 08, 2011

McKenna graduates from Kindergarten

What a beautiful princess God has blessed us with!  I was so happy that PACE (the home-school co-op we are a part of) had a Kindergarten graduation.  McKenna did so well this year learning to read and do math.  I love her so much!  It was a joy being a home-school mom and watching my kids learn.  

The ceremony was so nice.  There were 5 graduating seniors that gave speeches, there was a video, and their parents came on stage with them to give them their diploma.  Then the Kindergarteners also had parents come up and give the diploma and flip the tassel.  It was great.  Then all the other grades also came up, received a certificate, and got a small gift.
McKenna wasn't feeling it at first, but perked up!
These were the five graduating homeschool seniors from PACE
Congrats Kourtney on a great year!
The NOW second graders :)
With Nana and Papa
Congrats Blake!
She was so super excited to get Bolt for the Wii.  She has been on a major Bolt kick lately.  Even picked it for her birthday theme in July!
Love my girlies

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