Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wills and Kate... and the Royal Johnson family

Yes, I watched the wedding.  Yes, I recorded all the specials the weeks before.  Yes, I made plans for my tivo and set a tea time.  Yes, I drove my husband crazy.  Good thing for him he happened to be out of town during the actual week before the wedding and my parents were here.  Which meant I got to enjoy it all with my mom!  She remembers setting her alarm to get up so she could press "record" on her VCR when Diana got married :).  I was in good company.  I rolled over around 5am I think to flip through and see the dress, then fell back asleep until a more decent hour to watch with my kids.
We had tea and muffins.  The girls dressed up.  It was so cute.  I thought McKenna would be more interested in watching the wedding, but it was Kourtney who endured to the end.  It was a sweet memory!  Blake said he was the prince. 


V-n-J said...

what a sweet memory! I loved everything about the wedding. Kate looked so elegant, regal and just plain gorgeous. I was too young to remember Princess Diana's wedding but I remember Sarah and Andrews very vividly:)

Johnson said...

I will be honest I was a bit disappointed in the dress. I thought the silhouette could have been more flattering, but she did look absolutely elegant.