Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sleeping arrangements these days


The cutest thing has happened in my house.  At first it was the girls sleeping together.  Then after about a week or so Kourtney was over it.  She migrated back up to her top bunk.  Then my parents came to stay with us.  Blake's room doubles as our guest room because he has a queen sized bed so my parents took over his room and we put a mattress on the floor for him in the girls room.  One night when I went in to check on them McKenna was sleeping on the floor with Blake.  She had abandon her full size bed for the floor with some pillows so she could sleep next to Blake.  The next morning I suggested they sleep together in McKenna's bed. They were happy to do it.  Then my parents left and Blake's bed became open again.  But where did he want to sleep?  In McKenna's bed with her.  And she feels the same way.  So I have an empty queen bed in my house and all three of my kids are piled in the bunk bed together.  This mommy's heart is happy.  I love that my kids love each other.

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