Monday, March 21, 2011

Scary mommy moment

The kids were playing outside in our fenced in back yard.  At some point I realized it seemed very quiet in the yard.  Parents know that quiet is usually not good when it comes to three kids.  So I went out back to check it out.  No kids back there.  I came back into the house, checked in all the rooms, looked in the garage, started calling their names, looked in the car.  No kids.  Called their names some more, louder, out into the neighborhood.  No answer.  Started to panic.  Back into the house.  "Call 911?" my panicked mind said.  Would someone really snatch all three of my children from the back yard and drive off with them in a big van?  In broad daylight?  In a gated community? Don't call 911.  Called for them again.  Looked down the street.  WHAT?!  Waaaaaay down the street my barefooted 7, 5, and 3 year old turn the corner coming from the main street in our neighborhood.  They are yelling and running.  I start running toward them.  As I got closer I calmed down when I saw no blood and I definitely counted all three of my blond headed children.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: What is going on?!!!!!!!!!
Kourtney: we heard the ice cream truck so we ran to try to catch it.
Me: WHAT?!  You left the back yard and went to catch an ice cream truck?
McKenna: Kourtney told us to do it.
Blake: Yeah, it was Kourtney's idea.
Me: You could have been hurt, kidnapped, hit by a car, ... (I go through a complete list of horrible things that could have happened).
Kourtney: We're sorry mom.  We got scared and started running back home.  We missed you.
Me: I almost called 911, get inside and sit on the couch...
Me: (calming down and starting to see the humor in this)  What were you going to do once you got there?
Kourtney: I was going to tell them that we were orphans who hadn't eaten in three days and we needed some ice cream.
Me: (laughing on the inside) This is not funny.  You are never to leave the backyard.  (I go through the whole "I almost called 911" again)  

At this point Kourtney is hysterically crying, telling me how sorry she was - she really was.  I tell her she is forgiven.  That I only want what is best for my kids and don't want them to put themselves in danger.  All three kids vow to never do it again.  Punishments are handed out. 

The next day we were outside and heard the weird bells at a school nearby.  She said, there's the ice cream truck again!  Nope, just school bells.  Crazy kids.  I was thinking clearly enough to snap a picture while they were in trouble together on the couch.  I love my kids. 

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majorhitwaves said...

First of all - HILARIOUS story. Second of all - I'm glad that we can laugh about this after the fact. Third of all - Just wait until each of their ages are 17, 15, and 13. In 10 years you'll be WISHING that all they are doing is running down the ice cream truck and making up stories !