Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobile Uploads, my days in pictures.

It is so easy to grab my iPhone and snap pictures of my day with the kids.  Finding the camera and carrying it around with me is cumbersome and dangerous for the camera!  So I find myself with all these stories trapped in my phone and I want to get them to my blog as often as possible!  Here is about a month's worth.  Pictures and stories...
It was such a gorgeous day I decided we should paint on our easel outside.  It was a great time!
 Kassie meets tickle me Elmo.  Video to come soon.  It is hilarious.
 McKenna's art teacher at PACE always brags on her when I pick her up.  I think she is quite a good artist myself.  She loves it.
And Kourtney with her knitting and journalism paper.  I'm such a proud mom.  She like knitting and her teacher also tells me how patient she is and has caught on very quickly.
Picnic at the park on a homeschool day
Picking out stuff for Kassie before we got her.
Kourtney has become an expert bike rider.
And Blake on his "motorcycle"
Blake fixing McKenna's bike
This was the week Heather and her kids were at our house.  This was the breakfast table.
 And Kourtney brushing Caroline's hair
This was Blake's 4 week check up at Miami Children's Hospital.  He had the cast on two weeks longer.
A little fashion show at Dolphin Mall
Picking up Kassie from the airport
 After her first bath, taking a nap
Meeting Kass Kass for the first time
 A beautiful wedding in the keys.  Such a privilege to be a part of it!
McKenna loving on her puppy.  She says, I love Kassie, she is the best dog I've ever had.  :)
Just another home school day.
Kassie making herself at home in Blake's chair
Shrimp skewer while Grammy was in town.
 My 3 munchkins at PACE.  We always eat in the courtyard.  The weather has been beautiful every week.
 Blake making a volcano in his science class.
We took the LPC staff to Miami Beach for dinner.  It was a great night.
Just moments after Blake's cast came off.  He wasn't sure what to think.  He didn't want me to take pictures, but I couldn't resist!  It was on for exactly 6 weeks.  From January 25th - March 8th.  Blake did so well, I was so proud of him.  God was taking care of him too.  We only had one time where he had an itching problem.
We celebrated the cast off day with a trip to Chuck E Cheese!
Blake riding the coasters from Cedar Point, my poor deprived children will not grow up near the coaster capital of the world!
Mmmmm... my first cake pop.  Gonna make them soon!
Kassie meeting her furry cousins, Max and Minnie.
Blake fell asleep in the car on the way home from a doctor's appt.  The doctor gave him a glove to wear.  He loved it.
Have to brag on these yummy tortillas!  Whole grain rye, 13 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein.  They taste amazing and are good for you.  I made tacos with them and the kids gobbled them up.
Another one of McKenna's paintings.
 One of Blake's good friends from PACE.  He is so sweet to Blake.
 Dress up day at PACE
I thought this sign was interesting in my local publix.  I guess more people are buying organic?
 Jesse and Reina Santoyo visited.  It was so nice to see them!
At the zoo with the kids.  We got a year long family pass.  More pics to come off of the camera.
Washing the car.  The weather has been beautiful this month.  This was St. Patty's Day.
Static electricity in science class.
Making flubber
My beautiful girls holding hands.  They are besties.
A good game of chess a Cracker Barrel
My van made it to 200,000 miles.  Still tickin :)

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